China And Crystal And Silver – Oh My!

This is the fourth installment of 10 Things to Expect When Downsizing.  See the link to previous articles below and to the right!


Downsizing. China and Crystal and Silver4) China and Crystal and Silver – Oh my! This is another heartbreak! It is likely that you will have a hard time finding a new home for your fine china, silver serving pieces, and crystal. Chances are that your children will want very little of your formal dishes. Today people do not even register for formal china, crystal, or silver when they get married. We are living in a much more casual society where few want to hand wash anything, AND paper plates for company is fully acceptable. According to an article in Metro News, “Twenty years ago, kids took this stuff from their parents. Now they don’t want it. You have to clean it, you have to polish silver; china is nice but you can’t put it in the dishwasher and who has time for that in today’s society?”  Why Millennials are saying no to the family heirlooms  


This change can even be seen in the design of new homes where formal dining rooms have given way to a large farm table in the center of the home that is used daily.  I’ve always used my Waterford and Spode, silver, and crystal for birthdays, family events and holidays in the hopes that my children will want some of it – because I used it. I’m hoping to attach my fine dishes to a memory. My advice is use it – use it all! What are you saving it for?


If you happen to have children that entertain or are newly married, now is the time to gift your items to them. Several customers have told me that by the time their parents wanted to give them china, crystal, and silver they already had their own. One customer commented that she would have loved to have her mother’s serving pieces when she was in her 30’s and still entertaining. Unfortunately, at that time her mother was not ready to let go of her items. Now all those things are duplicate and not needed. They both missed the window!


At Interiors by Consign we do not accept china or crystal or silver. For us it is too difficult to move when our furniture sells. Our best advice for you is to contact local antique stores and see if they can put you in touch with a dealer that might be interested in purchasing your items. Sometimes you can find someone that collects your particular pattern.  is also another source but beware, the value has declined since you purchased your pieces and you may be a little sad! Replacements online site 

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