The Antique Market is Struggling!

The Antique Market is Struggling! This is the 6th installment of 10 Things To Expect When Downsizing. See links to previous blog posts to the right and bottom of this post!

The Antique Market is Struggling

6) For a few years now furniture buying trends have been moving away from Antiques that have traditionally been a staple in most American homes. In previous generations there was always a hope and expectation that some antiques would be passed down within the family. Married children especially, thought about which pieces they would like to own one day. This is not as common today. As I have expressed in previous posts, Millennial’s are changing buying trends for almost everything. (China And Crystal And Silver – Oh My!) Baby Boomers are now downsizing form large homes, and for the first time, their children are not standing in line for their furniture, china, silver and collections. More and more often family pieces and solid wood antiques are being sold for pennies on the dollar at estate sales, auctions and even thrift stores. Ample inventory and low demand has made it very hard to know what to do with quality pieces.

Today many antiques are labeled “old Fashioned” instead of traditional or classic. Lower end Antiques are being chalk painted to fit into trendy farmhouse or shabby chic interiors. Very High end antiques continue to sell but at a much slower rate. Mid- range pieces are definitely taking the hardest hit. These pieces are often solid, well- built pieces that are too good to donate, a shame to paint, but they just don’t sell. The market is flooded with such antiques, which drives the price way down from years ago. A quick look at Ebay and Craigslist make it painfully clear just how many antiques are out there without homes…Read more from The Star Tribune

At Interiors By Consign, we love Antiques – but we accept and sell very few. We have experienced exactly what journalist for the Star Tribune and others have been saying for a few years now. The Antique market is struggling! Many Antique stores have gone out of business recently. The younger buyers just are not interested. Fortunately, we sell to all types of people and try to have a wide variety of furniture to fit every interior. We do still consign a few Antiques. These are mainly statement pieces that can mix well with other styles. If you have some items we are always happy to look at photos or make a home visit. You may contact us through our website or stop by the store!

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