BOOK SIGNING- Meet Author Scott Seeke

BOOK SIGNING- Meet Author Scott Seeke and get a signed copy of his latest book, “Uncle Bush’s Live Funeral”, a true story based on the mysterious Tennessee legend.

Uncle Bush’s Live Funeral

This incredible true story centers on the feared Tennessee hermit who held his funeral while he was still alive in 1938, and ten thousand strangers came. The acclaimed 2010 film Get Low, which Seeke cowrote and starred Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek, was loosely based on Bush’s story.
“There was a lot we didn’t know when we wrote Get Low,” said Seeke. “And even after it took a long time to gain the trust of the locals. I think readers will agree that the real story was well worth the wait.”
In 1898, young Felix “Uncle Bush” Breazeale was accused of murdering a constable. Though he was acquitted, his reputation never recovered. Trapped by his culture and past, Bush became ostracized. As he aged and his family started to die, his only companion was his faithful trick mule. The idea of a live funeral to clear his name grabbed attention and headlines. It worked, and Bush became nationally famous. Uncle Bush’s Live Funeral shows that any outcast can find acceptance, and any label can be overcome.