Hostess Gifts – A Buyers Guide!

Solving the hostess gift mystery! 

‘Tis the season for panicked customers to pop in our store seeking a last-minute gift…often a hostess gift! Hostess gifts are designed to say thank you for inviting us. It is a small token of appreciation not intended to be a major expense or to create seasonal stress!  There seems to be a lot of confusion around this specific type of gift, so here’s a little help for the upcoming Holidays.

Avoid items that are too personal or specific. That means no food items unless you are taking an absolute favorite. A favorite of your host and hostess – not your own! Food Allergies are a huge consideration and your food item may not go with the party menu. Wine is kind of the same. Your selection may not go with the menu and you need to be sure your host or hostess are wine drinkers. When giving food or wine, be sure you indicate it is intended to be enjoyed later, removing any pressure to serve it right away.

Avoid cut flowers that need water. These require the hostess to leave guests and find a vase, etc. A small potted plant or flowers already in water are a better choice. Even better, sending flowers the day after the event with a nice note is always thoughtful and appreciated!

Remember that the hostess likely will not open the gift in front of others. Not everyone will bring a gift and making anyone feel uncomfortable is unnecessary. Be discrete by placing your gift under the tree, in another room or handing it to your hostess in a private moment. Be sure to attach a tag so that when the gift is opened the hostess will know who brought it.  

Appropriate gifts include candles, ornaments, tea or kitchen towels, napkins, place cards, stationary, and items that can be used for entertaining at the next event. Again, don’t overthink it! The purpose is a nice gesture that says thank you for including us!

We have lots of options for hostess gifts at both locations of Interiors By Consign. Stop in and see us and we will be happy to wrap your selection and get you on your way   In stock are our exclusive Huntsville & Madison pillows, towels and candles. We also have a large selection of dog and cat flour Sack towels for our pet loving friends!

Jennifer and Pam

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Article from South Huntsville Neighbors Magazine – December 2019