Interiors By Consign has been Promoting Reuse for over 26 Years!

Interiors By Consign – Promoting Reuse for over 26 years!

Consigning and buying Upscale Consignment Furniture is not just a great way to score a quality piece of like new furniture at a discounted price, it is also good for the environment! Re-purposing gently used consignment furniture is a great way to recycle and reduce household waste. Your furniture can be a beautiful addition to another home and a blessing at the same time. We are so fortunate to hear stories (and see pictures weekly) about where our consignor’s furniture ends up and how it is being reused in a new space. Customers often find pieces in our store that were cost prohibitive when brand new. We love seeing people fall in love with a brand name, well- made piece of furniture, knowing when it is placed in their home no one would ever suspect it had a previous life. Sustainability is about meeting current needs without damaging future generations; that is exactly what we help customers and consignors do daily.  

Retailers around the globe are beginning to really look at how their products impact the environment. Marcia Layton Turner,  in a Forbes Article “A Twist on Recycling”, stated that “part of the shift has to do with environmental awareness. The volume of garbage going into landfills has been rising consistently, with furniture and textiles making up a large percent of cast -offs (but not as much as paper, surprisingly). Americans donate or recycle an average of 12 pounds of clothing, footwear and household textiles, a fraction of the 70 pounds that are thrown away by the average US citizen, according to the Council on Textile Recycling. “ Read more at:

For over 26 years, Interiors By Consign has been recycling and re-purposing furniture through our South Huntsville store! We strive to provide a needed service to our consignors and a valuable product to our customers. We also seek to promote and support our local community. If you have questions about how our consignment process works. please stop in and see us at 8506 Whitesburg Drive in HSV and 181 Hughes Rd in Madison. You can see our current inventory anytime and get tips and advice on downsizing and more