OMG, My Mother Was Right About Everything!



Waiting for “OMG My Mother Was Right About Everything”!

Today we received a shipment of kitchen towels with laughable sayings that resonate with all of us. They meet you right where you are! Great gifts by the way – and we wrap!

The first towel I opened was “You Can’t Scare Me – I Have Teenagers!” Yes – exactly!

aug 3 017
This week a customer came in lamenting about how she felt she had been suddenly pushed into a dorm room decorating contest by her daughter spending too much time on Pinterest! The bedding must be cute but not too matchy- matchy. The rug must be just right and there must be a lamp in the mix. We discussed how much dorm decorating has changed and that her daughter (like mine and every other college bound girl I know) expected to live like a queen! Next towel “Queen of Damn Near Everything!” aug 3 016Nail on the head, right? Actually, I need that one myself!



By far my favorite stories involve boys shopping with their moms. The mom towel is “All I need Today is a Little Coffee and a Whole Lotta Jesus.” aug 3 015Usually if a mom and son are in the store together it is because a terrible buying mistake has already occurred. At some time, in the recent past, the son has ventured out, on his own, and purchased a cardboard dresser or desk that has since fallen apart.


The son is now able to listen to his mom’s furniture shopping advice! “OMG My Mother Was Right About Everything”
We all live for this realization. Hold on ya’ll it can happen to you too – I’ve seen it come to fruition!july 31 003

If you are somewhere between “You Can’t Scare Me – I Have Teenagers” and “You’re The Mom Everyone Wishes They Had”.aug 3 019 Remember you are not alone!   “I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks”!  aug 3 018 If this is you then consider the following and remember – “Chocolate Doesn’t Ask Silly Questions, Chocolate Understands”

aug 3 014


No matter where your adult children go … it is true that,  ” Home Is Where Your Mom Is”!aug 3 020

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