10 Things to Expect When Downsizing!

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Considering downsizing? We talk to people every day that have taken on this process. It may be harder than you think to pare down. After all, this may be the first time you are not moving up to something you envision as bigger and better. For many people streamlining your home and possessions to a more manageable size can be a freeing experience. Freeing you of a lot of responsibility, lawn care, house cleaning, and expense. Freedom to spend your energy on other things beyond house management. Happy or sad: no matter your situation, there are a few things you need to expect.

These lessons learned may be helpful as you begin the process of downsizing.

Guilt trip or downsizing!1) Feelings come flooding in!

You will find that you have a lot of emotions tied to “things”. It is common to experience sadness, tears, and a flood of memories each time you consider getting rid of items you cannot move with you. These items may have been your mother’s or Grandmother’s. The thought of gifting that to someone, selling it, or donating it may come with feelings of guilt. After all, it was your mother’s. This is the time to remember that you have enjoyed these items, and their worth is really tied to your memories not necessarily monetary value. Take a moment to consider your feelings. If you love something that you cannot keep – take a picture of it and let it go. It is just stuff – even if it was family “stuff”. Be kind to yourself and let the guilt go too. After all – someone else can use your items now. A new story can begin with a new family.

A year or so ago, I shared a story that a customer shared with me in our store. She had been looking for a particular style of table with ladder back chairs that she had once had and was forced to give away. Her husband, at the time did not like the set and insisted that they get something else. As she stood in our store looking at a table that was recently consigned from a total stranger, she began to cry. She looked at me and said I need this table. She had recently divorced and was starting over in her own space. She was looking for a table to fit the new smaller space and there it was. The exact type of table she had wanted all along. Now she was free to choose whatever she liked and that table brought that realization to life, right in our store! I tell you this story to tell you, your items can be a blessing to someone else. They can go to a whole new family and be part of their journey. Someone can probably use what you have been storing or are not going to need. Take comfort in that and move forward without guilt. Be kind to yourself!

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10 Things to Expect When Downsizing!

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  3. […] 1) Feelings come flooding in!   Link to 1 of 10 Things to Expect When Downsizing! […]

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