China And Crystal And Silver – Oh My!

This is the fourth installment of 10 Things to Expect When Downsizing.  See the link to previous articles below and to the right!   4) China and Crystal and Silver – Oh my! This is another heartbreak! It is likely that you will have a hard time finding a new home for your fine china,…

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“Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff”

This is the third installment of 10 Things To Expect When Downsizing!  See links to the previous articles below.   3)    ” Your kids don’t want your stuff!” This wisdom was shared with me many years ago by a much older woman. She was right! You may be very disappointed when you find that your…

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10 Things to Expect When Downsizing!

10 Things to Expect when Downsizing – 1 of 10 Considering downsizing? We talk to people every day that have taken on this process. It may be harder than you think to pare down. After all, this may be the first time you are not moving up to something you envision as bigger and better.…

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